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  • 20 G LETR Adena
    This site is great. I ordered 30mil 3 days ago, and they already have 4.3 mil. If I was in their place, I'd probably have 750k to 1.5mil in that time. Probably less though. And they raised my mining so far from 49 to 60!!!! And that only gets 4.3 mil done. I'll probably have 75+ mining by the time they're done!!! Nov/12/2019 02:05:30 @ Robo
  • 60 G LETR Adena
    i just bought 40mil fighter torso+whip for a great price its my first time and other sites took my info on my card so i sued them and got cash back and bought some stuff i hope this site doesnt take my stuff but ive heard great things from ppl and i hope i get what ive bought :) Nov/10/2019 21:36:28 @ Chris
  • 90 G LETR Adena
    Just orders range Kbps 42 to 77 I think and 5 mil!!! I can't wait!!!!! Thank you Website!!!! Nov/09/2019 03:16:42 @ Sam
  • 20 G LETR Adena
    site is polite and get to work fast Nov/08/2019 05:39:49 @ murkerson66
  • 25 G LETR Adena
    Legit, very fast, amazing. It was my first time buying and was worried. But the customer service and their patience with you is amazing. They guide you and let you know how to do everything. Nov/07/2019 06:23:03 @ David
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Lineage FeedBack

  • On point with delivery no hassle and very friendly thnx jason
    Mar/28/2017 @ Fast delivery
  • Bought from them about 4 times so far and got my stuff within 15min, less if I start a live chat with them.
    Mar/26/2017 @ Their live chat is always quick to start.
  • I can proudly recommend this company.Everything was greeat. fast, friendly, nice and trustworthy. i wish them a bunch of new clients, because they are working very hard
    Mar/23/2017 @ Perfect service
  • Have used this site so many times now I trust them to do what they say they would do. I will never use another site bar leadena, you guys and gals are fantastic.
    Mar/21/2017 @ The best site for quick money
  • I have used Leadena 3 times and every time fast delivery and no issues! This is my go to site from now on!
    Mar/19/2017 @ Excellent Server Every Time!
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Fast Delivery 95% Lineage Eternal Adena orders can be completed within 30mins.It's amazing to enjoy instant delivery after you paid your order successfully!
Best Price We pay close attention to prices which are updated every day to ensure the most reasonable Lineage Eternal Adena price!
7x24 Services For game Adena and Powerleveing purchased, if we do not fulfill the order on time, a refund will be granted and issued immediately!
Refund For game Adena and Powerleveing purchased, if we do not fulfill the order on time, a refund will be granted and issued immediately!